Escudo de la República de Colombia


Selected applicats from Open Call 2016:

Gudrun Barenbrock

Alex de las Heras Carballo

Shrikant Agawane

Laurence Cornet

Lorenzo Javier Torres Hortelano

Dudu Tsuda

Ruth Weigand

Giovanna Aguirre


The Vicerectoria de investigación y extensión and the Instituto Taller de Creación ITC of the Arts Faculty, are pleased to present the platform of Artistic Residencies at the National University of Colombia / Residencias artísticas UN. Our main objective is to promote the cultural interchange, strengthening of artistic projects and academic dialogue between artists, graduate students and faculty of the Arts School at the National University of Colombia and the international community.

This platform seeks to diversify and strengthen the creation and academic reflection through the concept of artistic Residencies, based on the concept of cultural difference, contrast, mobility and to promote artistic spaces.

The guidelines in this program are contained within the National Program for knowledge internationalization of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Modality I:

International artists- creators

For international artists who want to develop an art project at the National University of Colombia Bogotá campus; who will interact with students and teachers from the hosting graduate program or a research and extension office; and its project has to have a relationship with the host country.

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